Enjoy The Intimate Moment With A Lot Of Love

Mirai offers a variety of products that support your sexual performance and creates various exciting sensations when having intimate session with your partner. Our products range from lubricants, condoms, and accessories.

Mirai Condoms

Mirai Condom is an innovative extra-thin condom product with a thickness of 0.01 mm and the aroma of ice cream, which can give a sensation as if not using a condom.

Mirai Lubricants

Mirai Lubricant is a lubricant designed with three variants—cold, warm, and hyaluronic—to provide different sensations that can increase enjoyment when used. This lubricant is made from water-based ingredients and is non-greasy, colorless, and non-irritating.

Mirai Accesories

Mirai Accessories is a bullet-shaped vibrator with gentle vibrations that can enhance sexual intercourse. For external use only.

Mirai Sexual Hygine

Sexual hygiene refers to health-focused behaviours that people should do before, after and during sex.

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