"Love Safe, Play Safe" – The Importance of Prioritizing Sexual Health

Mirai Condoms are one of the most effective methods of preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy. You can still have exciting and enjoyable intimate experiences while taking the necessary precautions

Mirai Condoms

A condom is a type of contraception that is attached to the male genitalia. There are variants of Mirai 001 and Mirai Big Dot.
The Mirai 0.01 condoms are a revolutionary and ultra-thin condom product, measuring just 0.01 mm in thickness. With the added scent of ice cream, they offer a sensation that is close to not using a condom at all. Mirai Big Dots condoms have a smooth nodule texture that can help provide stimulation and increase the intensity of satisfaction during sex.

Mirai Lubricants

The Mirai Lubricant is a specially crafted lubricant that comes in three unique variants - cold, warm, and hyaluronic. These different sensations aim to enhance the pleasure during intimacy. The lubricant is composed of water-based ingredients, making it non-greasy, transparent and gentle on the skin with no irritation.

Mirai Accesories

Mirai Accessories is a bullet-shaped vibrator in two sizes: large and small bullets. The big one is called the Vibe Bullet, and the small one is called the Vibe Mini Bullet. There other variants, namely "vibe the bunny" and "stay strong," which can increase enthusiasm and sensation during sexual intercourse. For external use only.

Mirai Sexual Hygine

Sexual hygiene refers to health-focused behaviours that people should do before, after and during sex.

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