Mirai Cool Feeling Intimate Lube - Lubricant With Cooling Sensation


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Mirai Cool Feeling Intimate Lube is a lubricant with a new formulation (Cooling Formula) that provides a cooler, refreshing sensation, enhancing pleasure during use. This lubricant is water-based, non-oily, non-sticky, colorless, and does not cause irritation.

How to Use:

  • Pour a sufficient amount of Mirai Cool Feeling Intimate Lube onto your fingertip
  • For use on female intimate organs, apply the lubricant to the inner lips of the female genitalia
  • For use on male intimate organs, apply the lubricant to the head and shaft of the male genitalia
  • For use with a condom, apply it to the outside of the condom once it is fitted on the male genitalia


Use as directed. Mirai Sensation can be used for private areas and during intimate relations as needed. It is not a contraceptive device and does not contain spermicide. Helps alleviate dryness in female private parts. Can be applied to latex and polyurethane condoms. This lubricant is water-soluble, easy to clean, and non-sticky.


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Storage Instructions:
Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight

30 mL bottle


Imported by: PT Genki Sehat Indonesia

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