What that Oral Sex?

    Oral sex is using sex mouth and tongue to stimulate tool sex or the partner's genital area. Types of oral sex include the penis (fellatio), vagina (cunnilingus), and anus (anilingus).

    Normal oral sex is conducted by active adults in a manner sexual. Most adults in a manner sexual express, activity this conducted at least very with couple opponent kind.


    Doing Tips Safe Oral Sex and Enjoyment

    Sex is done with method penetration possible already. You understanding and know how related safe sex.

    As has been described above, oral sex has risk caught infection infectious sex (STI). By because that's important to do oral sex with safe way for second couple.

    Following this is method safe do oral sex:

    1. Cleaning body especially formerly

    Before do sex type whatever should bath especially first. Especially Oral sex is the process of bringing together sex and mouth. If no bath, the scent is not delicious can just appears.

    Bath make all dirt in the genital area Becomes lost. Condition this will make you and couple no have disgust again. During this some people are reluctant do oral sex because afraid there is a very particular fragrance disturbing.


    2. Always use safety 

    Used condoms for Oral sex is different from condoms used for vaginal sex. Condoms for normal oral sex have a special taste or aroma. Giving this flavor to you no feel rubber or latex and gets rid of the smell of genitals that don't preferred.


    3. Tidying up hair sex

    Some people maybe complained hair thick cock and messy. Well, there is good tidy up hair gender order moment oral sex is performed hair no enter to mouth.

    Although can cropped, however should don't until finished; because hair genitals could help guard intimate organ health.


    4. Choose the right sex position

    Choose position sex no only when do sex with penetration just. Oral sex too need position proper sex for give pleasure on second split party.

    If oral sex is performed one way, mate can stand up then oral sex is performed from down. This method is the most frequent conducted besides with lying around or sit.

    If oral sex is performed two direction, mate can sleep each other vice versa or position 69. With position this sex can conducted with easy.

    5. Discuss problem sex that happened

    If you're a woman and giving oral sex to a man, it's best to talk about ejaculation beforehand. Some couples prefer that men ejaculate outside the body or release it on a woman's body. However, there are also those who let the ejaculatory fluid come out in the mouth and even swallow it.

    It would be nice to discuss whether later ejaculation is done outside or inside the mouth. Even though it's exciting, not all women want to accept ejaculatory fluid in their mouth area, some can even vomit. In addition, ejaculation is also at risk of triggering the disease if the partner is not healthy.


    6. Using lubricant when needed

    Usually, having oral sex does not require lubrication like vaginal or anal sex. The saliva that comes out of the mouth can be used as a natural lubricant and makes sex safer.

    However, there are times when this activity requires lubrication to provide a slippery feel that enhances enjoyment.

    If you are having oral sex, always focus on the movement and don't rush it. Why is that? Because the genital area is very sensitive and different from other skin on the body. If you get bitten, the pain will be very disturbing.


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