Is it Safe To Use Olive Oil as a Sexual Lubricant?

Is it Safe To Use Olive Oil as a Sexual Lubricant?

    Is it Safe To Use Olive Oil as a Sexual Lubricant?

    Oil olive or known as olive oil is an ingredient for cooking and care skin.

    Oil olive is the wrong one so called liquid could be used as a lubricant for related sexual. this is because oil olive considered its benefit for helping increase satisfaction sexual.

    Benefit among others for overcoming vaginal dryness, feeling more gentle and slippery, lubricating oral sex, as well affect durability.

    However, using oil olive no recommended as a lubricant for fuck. this is because exists several impact risks that are bad for intimate organ health, especially for women who have a sensitive vaginas.

    Although so, in a way technical possible to use oil olive as a lubricant experience provided don't too often and no own intimate organ problems _ 


    Danger Oil Olive for Lubricants Make love 

    because oil olive used for the care of skin outside and also food, there are several risks if used as a lubricant, including :

    • Damage condom latex. As mentioned before, oil olive in a manner slowly will scrape the condom ingredients latex and possibility tear.
    • Pregnancy and transmission disease sex. Torn condoms _ make You risk tall experiencing pregnancy that is not wanted. Besides, that's a heightened risk of transmission disease infectious sexual intercourse (PMS) if the often change couple.
    • Allergy. Some women do stand with oil olive if used as a lubricant. Several women often experience itch because of allergies. Although the possibility of this is enough small, you must permanently be careful.
    • Itch and acne. Oil olive is difficult very absorbed by the skin, and even raises effect addition like itching _ until appearance pimples all around cock.
    • Infection mushroom. Using oil also could increase the risk of infection mold or yeast in the woman. Condition this can bother functioning sexually and reproduction woman.


    Safe Tips Use Lubricants Oil Olive 

    If You are forced to use oil olive for related because no there are other lubricants, or simply to try it as enjoyment sex, pay attention to some things following :

    • Make sure the activity sexual is no risk transmit disease infectious sexual or causing pregnancy if currently control it.
    • Oil olive is difficult to clean, then do the cleaning correctly and quickly after making love to reduce the possibility happen infection or pimples all around cock.
    • Only smear on the part outside the vagina and don't until entering to part in the vagina.
    • Use oil 100 percent pure olives to avoid ingredients addition as substance additives that can bother health.
    • Be sure to use oil unfinished olives expired. For that, check the date behind the packaging.


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