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Mirai Sensation Cold Feeling 72 Pcs @60 Gr - Lubricant With Cooling Sensation


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Mirai Sensation Cold Feeling is a lubricant specifically designed with Menthol to provide a cool, refreshing and invigorating sensation that can enhance pleasure when used. The lubricant is made from water-based, colorless, non-oily, and non-irritating ingredients.


- Lubricant with a cool sensation

- Based on water, not oily and sticky

- Can be used with or without a condom

- Soluble in water and easy to clean


- Pour a sufficient amount of Mirai Sensation Cold Feeling onto your hand.

- For female intimate use, apply the lubricant to the inner lips of the female genitalia.

- For male intimate use, apply the lubricant to the head and shaft of the male genitalia.

- For use with a condom, apply to the outside of the already-installed condom on the male genitalia.


Use as directed. Mirai Sensation can be used for personal and intimate areas as needed. It is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicides. It helps relieve dryness in the female private area. Can be applied to latex and polyurethane condoms. The lubricant is water-soluble and easy to clean and not sticky.


Your privacy is our priority, for packaging we will pack neatly so that the contents are not visible, and we will only include sender data on the package, for the package we will inform as herbal.

Storage: Store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight

Packaging: 1 Box = 72 Pcs @60 Gr

Brand: Mirai

Produced by: Nantong Health & Beyond Hygienic Products Inc

BPOM Number: AKL 21104129188