Mirai Love Tissue 240 Packs @3 Sachets

Sexual Hygine

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Mirai Love Tissue is a type of antiseptic wet tissue similar to magic tissue that is used to help clean the skin around a man's sensitive area and help make lovemaking with your partner last longer. Mirai Love Tissue has a masculine aroma tissue to enhance the mood during intercourse.

Advantages of Mirai Love Tissue:

- Cleans and maintains the cleanliness of skin around the sensitive area of men

- Provides a longer duration of intercourse effect

- Has a masculine aroma


Your privacy is our priority, and we will pack the packaging neatly so that the contents are not visible, and we will only include the sender's data on the package, and the package will be informed as herbal.


Apply Mirai Love Tissue evenly to your sensitive area. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Use only once and then discard.


Purified water (51%), Ethyl Alcohol (45%), Glycerin (2%), Fragrance (2%) and other active ingredients

Packaging:  1 Box = 240 Packs @3 Sachets

Brand: MIRAI

Produced by: PT Etica Sari Pratama

BPOM No: KEMENKES RI PKD 10104220013