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Mirai Sensation Warm Feeling 72 Pcs @60Gr - Lubricant That Provides a Warm Sensation


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Mirai Sensation Warm Feeling is a lubricant that provides a warm sensation to enhance intimate pleasure. It is made with a gentle water-based formula, is non-greasy and colorless.

Mirai Sensation Warm Feeling is safe and effective for use with or without a condom, acting as a lubricant to reduce discomfort or dryness in both male and female intimate organs.

Instructions for Use:

- Apply a sufficient amount of Mirai Sensation Warm Feeling to your fingers

- For use in the female intimate area, apply the lubricant to the inner labia

- For use in the male intimate area, apply the lubricant to the head and shaft

- For use with a condom, apply to the outer surface of the already-fitted condom


Your privacy is our top priority. The packaging will be discreet and only the sender's information will be displayed on the package. The package will be labeled as herbal.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, out of reach of children.

Packaging: 1 Box = 72 Pcs @60 Gr

Brand: Mirai

BPOM Number: AKL 21104124998