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Mirai Sensation Hyaluronic Acid - Lubricant That Contains With Hyaluronic Acid


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Mirai Sensation Hyaluronic Acid is a new innovative lubricant with Hyaluronic Acid to maintain the body's natural lubrication and skin moisture. With a soft, non-oily & colorless water-based ingredient, Mirai Sensation Hyaluronic Acid provides a new level of comfort in intimacy with a smooth, pleasurable & silky sensation.

Mirai Sensation Hyaluronic Acid is safe and effective to use with or without a condom as a lubricating fluid to help reduce pain or for male or female intimate organs experiencing vaginal dryness.


- Pour a sufficient amount of Mirai Sensation Hyaluronic Acid onto your hand.

- For female intimate use, apply the lubricant to the inner lips of the female genitalia.

- For male intimate use, apply the lubricant to the head and shaft of the male genitalia.

- For use with a condom, apply to the outside of the already-installed condom on the male genitalia.


Your privacy is our priority, for packaging we will pack neatly so that the contents are not visible, and we will only include sender data on the package, for the package we will inform as herbal.

Packaging: 60 Gr

Brand: Mirai

BPOM No: AKL 21104124132